Instant deploy

Cloud based solution

You don't need any infrastructure. You don't need any installation. All you need is your Autodesk BIM 360 account. In just one click you will be able to access all the functionalities that 360 Admin Tools offers.

Create your account!

Synchronize your projects

Download or upload your BIM 360 projects docs in your favorite collaborative environment

Copy your projects

Copy you project docs to another project, even between projects from different accounts.

Manage your security

Manage your users in bulk in BIM 360 projects respecting the different roles.

Responsive Design

Access from any devices

The app is designed so you can navigate from your personal computer, from a tablet or from your mobile ... any device is able to work with 360 Admin Tools.

Synchronize your projects

Extend your CDE

In your company, do you already use other collaborative or document management tools such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox or Amazon S3? Synchronize your BIM 360 projects with these platforms immediately or with a schedule.

You can plan your synchronizations to run when your team is not working, select whether you want to download the information from BIM 360 or upload it from your cloud. You will see the history of your synchronizations and their results.

Copy your projects


Copy the content of one project into others or select the most relevant information. You can make unlimited copies of projects between the same Autodesk BIM 360 account.

Do you have multiple accounts? No problem, you can make copies between different account projects even if they belong to different data centers. It doesn't matter if your account is US or EMEA, 360 Admin Tools manage this.

Copia de un proyecto
Consulta de Actividad

Check your history

All your activity

You will be able to check all your activity in 360 Admin Tools account. Your plans and those of the rest of the team. You have an easy dashboard to check with a single click the total transfer or executions that you have done.

Reports to check if the synchronizations or copies were successful or an error occurred with any of the contents to synchronize. Detailed activity report to see all actions and errors that occurred in any synchronization or copy.

Configure your connectors

Sync your cloud

In a single 360 Admin Tools account you can configure as many connectors as you like. Do you work with Microsoft? Do you prefer Amazon S3? Maybe you prefer Dropbox? You can have several connectors of each one at the same time.

360 Admin Tools gives you total flexibility to combine the best of each cloud or collaborative environment. No limit on the number of connectors of each type, or the types to use. Just set them up and start using them.

Manage your users

Users and SSO

Do you need to have multiple users for your team? Do you work with external consultants and internal stuff? No problem, in 360 Admin Tools you can create as many user accounts as you want without additional cost. All of them just need an Autodesk BIM 360 account.

You can define users with different profiles: administrators, normal users or guests, with their associated permissions. You don't need new passwords, the account is the same as the one you use in BIM 360, you do not require new registrations or keys.

Do you need help?

Support channel

Let us help you creating your account or while working on the platform. Do you have any problems? Use our support channel to get all the information that you needs. Check their articles and tutorials. Don't you find what you are looking for? No problem, open a ticket with us.

Users support


Free account or enterprise

Choose the plan that best suits your needs. You can start with a free account and test the platform and then take advantage of all its features without limitations, up to you!.

Free account

  • 1 GB of information to transfer
  • No possibility to plan your synchronizations
  • No possibility to repeat your synchronizations
  • No possibility to run multiple syncs at same time
  • No notifications at the end of your synchronizations
  • A single user per account

Enterprise account

  • No limit to transfer
  • Schedule your syncs to run anytime
  • Create repetitions of your syncs to execute them with different periodicity
  • Run multiple syncs at same time
  • Get notifications at the end of your synchronizations
  • Create as many users as you need for your team

Got Impressed to our features?

Do you think 360 Admin Tools could help you increase productivity in your tasks with projects on the Autodesk BIM 360 platform? Contact with us. In the other hand, you can create your free account and try it for yourself.

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